Virginia Clemm Poe
1822 – 1847

“ And neither the angels in Heaven above
Nor the demons down under the sea
Can ever dissever my soul
from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.”

- Edgar Allan Poe




Your donation will help assure the preservation of the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage and its continued availability to students, scholars, and researchers for years to come.





The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage
Endowment Campaign

Dear Friends –

The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage has been restored. The one and a half year-long capital project has given the last home of Poe a new lease on life for the 21st century.

After a detailed historic restoration funded and guided by the city, state, the National Park Service, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, and The Bronx County Historical Society, the c. 1812 Poe Cottage has been reopened.

Poe Cottage, the last home of Edgar Allan Poe, was a creative haven for the author, where he did some of his finest work. It was also the site of his most deeply felt loss. One of the ironies of Poe’s life and legacy is that even though he became world famous and remains a powerful influence on our culture, in his own time he was very poor. Poe never actually owned a home. But late in his struggling career, he settled with his little family in a small rented cottage in Fordham, a rural village in what is now The Bronx.

Poe loved his home and its beautiful surroundings, and it was here that he wrote such memorable works as The Cask of Amontillado, The Bells and Annabel Lee. This was also where he lost his beloved wife, Virginia to tuberculosis in 1847. Poe struggled terribly with the loss, and in less than three years, he too passed away. He was only 40. In the decades that followed, as Poe’s writings gained international recognition, his final home was sought out by literary travelers, historians, and curious visitors. In the early 1900s, as The Bronx grew steadily more urban, the city acted to preserve the Cottage, moving it a short distance into Poe Park.

Our goal now is to build a $2 million endowment for Poe Cottage. Such an endowment’s annual earnings can fund staff, equipment, and the ongoing operation of this international literary tourist attraction and community focal point.


Set in historic Poe Park on the Grand Concourse in The Bronx, Poe Cottage is a powerful educational resource for New York City. This cultural treasure - the most important historic house in the city - needs your tax-deductible contribution.

As a friend of Edgar Allan Poe and Poe Cottage, your tax-deductible contribution to The Bronx County Historical Society Poe Cottage Endowment Campaign can support us for this and future generations.

  • For a donation of $500,000, Poe Cottage will have your name appear on the structure by the entranceway.
  • For a donation of $200,000, an entire floor of Poe Cottage will be named for you, and your name will be displayed on a brass marker.
  • For a donation of $25,000, a room will be named for you with your name displayed on a small plaque by the room.
  • For a donation of $1,000, a shelf unit where the gift shop materials are stored will be named for you, and your name will be displayed on that unit.
  • For a donation of $100, your name will be affixed to a plaque listing all of the donors, placed in the Poe Cottage office.

Please help make the Poe Cottage Endowment a reality. Send your tax-deductible contribution today. Generations of Bronxites will thank you.



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