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Educational Outreach Programs

The Bronx County Historical Society has some of New York City’s greatest historical resources. Our infrastructure provides access to the rich histories of American democracy in The Bronx and New York City in general: from the American Revolution to the Underground Railroad to immigration to commerce and trade, and more. The artifacts of our collections, documents, map and exhibits provide insight into the layered and complex histories of New York City and the United States. In our institution history takes form.

Our educational programs bring together the educators and students and attempt to make our historical resources and the expertise of our staff available to them. Our programs are designed to provide two critical forms of support to The Bronx’ educational efforts:

- Professional Development for teachers to improve their abilities to foster learning of historical content as well as the skills of analyzing, contextualizing, drawing conclusions, and making inferences from historical document and artifacts.

- Hands-on learning opportunities for students that help students learn how to engage with historical documents and objects, approach a history topic from multiple perspectives, and produce their own account based upon individual research.

All activities are tailored to the needs of social studies curricula established for public school students and teachers. The format of our educational programs is modular (one 2-hour session delivered as a stand-alone workshop module) or project-themed (two to six 2-hour sessions per school or group comprising of various in-depth theme-guided modules). All our educational modules are based on the New York State Social Studies Learning Standards and their alignment to the Common Core State Standards.

The activities pertaining to the curriculum enhancement sessions for the student groups are designed around The Museum of Bronx History at The Valentine-Varian Historic House and intend to introduce the participants to the colorful and fascinating history of The Bronx, New York City and the world through:

- Project-Theme Programs and School Projects
- Stand-alone modules

Professional Development for Educators

The Society provides professional development to public school teachers responsible for the social studies curriculum delivery at their respective schools. The selection of the teachers takes place with suggestions from both the school principals and New York City Department of Education administrators.

The PD workshops help the participating educators to improve their abilities to foster learning of historical content as well as the skills of analyzing, contextualizing, and drawing conclusions and making inferences from historical documents and artifacts.

The focus on 7th and 8th grade teachers is intended to bring the most attention to improving 8th grade outcomes on social studies assessments, which are in the greatest need of intervention.

Professional development is provided through workshops conducted at our premises and in schools. These programs focus on training teachers to use historical documents in the classroom. To do this, the workshops focus on training teachers to use historical documents to teach a specific history lesson.

The activities of the workshops take place at the Museum of Bronx History and consist of two 2-hour sessions.

The workshops’ framework and activities outline are listed here.

Expected Outcomes and Assessment

Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to improving social studies, history, and civics instruction in the Borough’s public schools. Along with training teachers in instructional practices that foster high levels of student engagement with history and historical documents, our programs plan to enhance curricula for history and civics instruction. Our aim is that through skills-based, content-rich lessons and activities, students will gain a deeper understanding of American history content and therefore perform better on standardized exams. These skills are directly correlated to the exhibits, archives, and activities of the proposed program and are in accordance to the New York State Social Studies Standards.

Packets are provided to the teachers that offer suggestions for classroom activities prior to the trip as a supplement to the school’s social studies curriculum.

All Time Favorites


The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage
Poe Park
2640 Grand Concourse
The Bronx, New York 10458
(718) 881-8900

Museum of Bronx History at
The Valentine-Varian House

3266 Bainbridge Avenue
The Bronx, New York 10467
(718) 881-8900

Reservation Instructions for
House Museum Group Tours

All reservations must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Admission fee for each student is $3 and $5 for adults. Teachers or trip coordinators must call (718) 881-8900 and ask to speak to someone in the eudcation department. Please select the primary date you would like to schedule and two extra days in case we cannot accommodate your first choice. Any follow-up information can be sent via email to: To complete your reservation, you must submit a $25 deposit either by check or Pay Pal at our online Museum Store. Your reservation is complete once you receive a confirmation email from us.

Please note: Deposits are due when tour is booked. If deposit is not received within one week of the tour date, the BCHS has all right to cancel the tour. Also, there is a 30 minute waiting time for all groups coming to the houses. If teahcers are running late or planning to cancel the tour, please let us know in advance. the $25 is non-refundable.

At the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, students will receive a guided tour which entails a gallery talk about Poe's life and times at Fordham. An 18-minute video about Poe's life in New York City and The Bronx is offered for viewing. Questions and discussions are always welcomed. there is also a gift shop with books and other resources.

Note: During our programs we are happy to work with teachers to highlight specific components of Poe's work and life. Please contact us in advance if you have special requests.


Students visiting the Museum of Bronx History will get a guided tour accompanied with a gallery discussion about The Bronx during the American Revolution. There is an interactive period where students can engage with replica colonial items and a gift shop where books are available in regards to Bronx History and the American Revolution.Students will also get a guided tour through the rotating exhibitions.
Walking tours are an excellent way to get students and teachers acclimated to their surrounds and foster a greater appreciation of the history and uniqueness of The Bronx. We can create a walking tour to accommodate any school's neighborhood! These great neighborhood walking tours are $250 and usually last 90 minutes. Of course, there is always room for questions and discussions. Please call (718) 881-8900 to book your walking tour today.

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